{the pups make the pic}

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week is ending well, and your new month is starting even better!

You might remember I mentioned last week that we got the chance to baby-sit a little cutie for one night. Well, meet our friend Lola ...

sorry for the fuzzy iPhone pics!

Isn't she cute? Every time I would say her name Barry Manilow was singing 'her name was Lola, she was a show girrrlllll ...' in my head! Boy, she took to us like she had known us all her life. It was fun to have her around, and so many things she would do reminded me of my dog that passed in October. I CANNOT wait to get new fur babies around here :)

On that note, I've got a collection of photos of fabulous furniture, pretty shoes & purses, even some fab scenery ... all of which are totally upstaged by the adorable pups that totally make the pics:

Don't you agree? My eyes go straight to those cuties and barely notice the other details.


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