{decor inspiration: spring blossoms}

Spring is here! In Vancouver, this is always particularly evident when the gorgeous cherry blossoms make their first apperance. I have to admit that these blooms make my daily commute seem like less of a drag; their presence always puts a smile on my face! And of course, whether it's a simple arrangement in a vase or a fabulously dramatic wallcovering, this lovely inspiration of the newness of spring can always translate into our wardrobes and interiors:

Turquoise perfectly pairs with cherry blossom pink:

Watercolor by Leslie Redhead

And we can forget the stunning blooms of peonies, one of my favorite flowers!

Magnolias will never cease to take my breath away. The Cole & Son's Magnolia wallcovering does just that; my talented friend Karla of Kerrisdale Design Inc. placed this paper in her sweet daughter's room ... perfection!

Bring a few spring blooms home ...

Perfume {Marc Jacobs}, Pillow {Coventry Heirlooms}, Ring {Alexander McQueen}, Heels {D&G}, Pillow {DwellStudio}, Bag {Monsoon}, Stationary {Snow & Graham}, Wallcovering {Cole & Son's}

Hope this post put a little spring in your step :) Which blossom is your favorite of the bunch?

PS. I am thrilled to be included in my wonderful friend Monika's fabulous new series, '2 cents on lovely design trends' over at one of my favorite blogs, Splendid Willow. As Monika says, this is as close to a dinner conversation as it gets with virtual friends! Go here to read more.


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